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Class 9 Notes

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Preliminary Class Business



  • Final Project Prospectus assignment: (example) 
    • Abstract
    • Narrative
    • "Environmental scan"
    • [Technology]
    • Work plan & schedule
      • Consider staged or modular work plans, starting with what you or a small group of you could do.
    • Budget
    • Method of project evaluation
    • [Dissemination and continuance]


  • Proposal presentations in our final class:
    • Aim for 8 minute "lightning" presentations, followed by 8 minutes of discussion with class (total of about 16 minutes for each proposal)
    • To facilitate presenting, prepare a page in the Project Prospectuses folder on the Student Work site for the course that includes an abstract and link to your presentation (or you can use the page to hold your presentation in toto). (We'll eventually create a proper listing of class project ideas like the one for last year's course)
      • Upload or link in advance to any necessary presentation files (e.g., Powerpoints), so that Alan can preload them before class to speed things up.
      • You can also use your own computer to present, so long as you have an adapter for the VGA cable.
      • Let Alan know if you have special hardware or software needs for the presentation (e.g., sound).



Readings for This Class




Visual Epigraph

José Manuel Ballester, image series



1. Intro to Class


  • Focal Question for class 1 What kind of "human" subject do the digital humanities speak from, to, for?
  • Focal Question for today's class How do the digital humanities contribute to the humanities vision of interpretive and sociocultural "difference"?


    The Deformance Thesis:
              * Make it new        * Deconstruction (differénce)    * Oulipo

    The Transform Thesis:
              * Cultural studies/criticism        * Social justice criticism 


Rosa Menkman, The Glitch Moment(um)






2. The "Deform" Thesis






3. The "Transform" Thesis


-    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -     -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -    -     -    -    - 




4. Student Practicums





5. Heading


  • Etc.




6. Heading


  • Etc.




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