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Class 1 Notes

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Preliminary Class Business



1. Course Concept


  • Course is a graduate-level introduction to the "digital humanities" ("DH").  
  • The antecedents of DH lie in:
    • "humanities computing"
    • hypertext theory and literature
    • (with underpinnings in practice and theory of curatorial/editorial/linguistic work)
  • Cousin fields include:
    • new media studies
    • media archaeology



2. Course Structure



3. Class Member Introductions



4. Digital Humanities and the Humanities


  • Focal Question What kind of "human" subject do the digital humanities speak from, to, for?



  • Questions:


    • What is the relation of "media technology" to the "human"? (the following words can also be used in place of "media": "information," "communication," "computational," and "digital")
      • Is media technology necessary for being human?
      • What kind of human is a media-technological human?
    • What kind of human is the digital humanities for?


5. Preview of Next Class







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